Paid Search, Social Media and Display Advertising

Why pay to rank on a search engine when you can rank your website freely and organically?

Actually increasing your Google search engine ranking naturally and organically is not entirely free. You may not be paying money directly to the Google, but you need to invest your time, thought and effort into creating maintaining quality website.
In addition, a good SEO doesn’t happen overnight as it takes a little time and patience as well and for SEO to gather enough data on your content to rank right away.
Paid Search increases your website’s visibility on search engines and brings relevant and targeted traffic to your website and increases revenue.

Key benefits of paid marketing

Realtime results

If you are a startup or a decade behind your competitors adopting PPC marketing you can join the race without wasting any time. Whereas an SEO takes lots of efforts as well as your valuable time.

Easy to measure and track

PPC advertising runs through AdWords, so tracking and measuring become easy. You need to simply use the AdWords tool in combination with Google Analytics. You can easily see the campaigns which are performing as well what kind of traffic and result they are driving to your site.

Great targeting options

There are many targeting options like targeting keywords through text ads, running ads through Remarketing on the basis of past behavior, demographic for the display network. By testing and trying the right mix, you can enjoy the full scope of AdWords.


Whether you have a lot of budget flexibility or a small startup. You can set your own ad budget and choose what you are willing to spend. For example, if you are watching the positive results you can scale up or you can take a pause and stop your advertisement expenses as well.

How we handle your PPC management?

Our main focus is your ROI. We are not interested in investing more money in chasing traffic will not convert to sales. The team of the Ashesh- Indian Developer. will focus your business and work closely with the client to make sure that the account is optimized to bring customers that will generate sales.
Are you already using a Google AdWords PPC account and running on auto-pilot or working with any other digital marketing agency, contact us we give you confidential review. We provide an honest opinion based on your website after performing a health check on it.

How PPC Remarketing works?

Remarketing is also known as retargeting allows you to show ads to the visitors who previously visited your website or mobile app. Whenever a visitor leaves your website without doing any activity like purchase or completing the inquiry form Remarketing helps you to reconnect with the same people.

Dynamic Retargeting?

The dynamic retargeting allows showing ads to the visitors who previously visited your website/mobile app. Actually, it is a step further that lets you show previous visitors ads containing products and services they viewed on your website. It can deliver great results by targeting ads to your potential customers.